Responsibilities on Campus Planning and Construction

   The Dept. of Campus Planning and Construction is obliged to plan, construct and manage the infrastructure of two campuses in Chengdu. The main responsibilities are as follows:

 (1)implement the policies of infrastructure in our nation, and strictly enforce the Nastional Law of Construction and relevant laws and regulations on infrastructure.

 (2)Enact, and improve the regulations and rules and management of campus infrastructure as well as supervision and scrutiny.

 (3)compile, modify, improve and implement the comprehensive and phased campus planning of the two campuses in Chengdu based on the campus development with long-term, short-term and annual plannings.

 (4)take charge of the whole process of the project approval, construction and completion transfer on the newly built, renovated or expanded construction projects between the two campuses in Chengdu.

  (5)draw up plans for construction and fund; to make engineering project estimate and budget; to draw up and carry out annual investment plan, disbursement plan and construction process plan; to work together on audits and financial budgets and final accounts; to compile and prepare relevant statistical reports.

  (6)take charge of infrastructure projects’ project design, preliminary design, working drawing design as well as relevant projects approval; to work towards technical demonstration, design modification and audit.

  (7)take charge of the infrastructure projects’ design, construction, supervision; to tender, compare and select bulk material and equipment purchasing; to draft bidding plan document; to submit major and significant events to large and medium leading groups of tendering for  examination and approval.

  (8)contact and coordinate relevant functional departments of provincial, city and county for the university infrastructure projects.

  (9)archive, keep and transfer files between the two campuses in Chengdu.

  (10)manage relevant university’s assets based on Management Regulations of State-owned Assets.

  (11)provide professional advice and gduidance to relevant infrastructure projects in E Mei campus.

  (12)conduct other tasks assigned by the university.